Mainstreet and Mainstreet Park

Main Street*: Running straight down the center of the city’s interior is the city’s old street. It has been closed to anything but foot traffic, and has old buildings that have all sorts of businesses (Previous players’ favorites: The Old Fashioned Lemonade Stand, The Sound Emporium, Medusa’s Statuary, and the Baba Ganoush Dojo). On either side of Main Street is…

Main Street Park: A large park much like New York’s Central park. The Circle of the Crone meets here weekly, the city’s Kappa population lives in it’s ponds and streams, quite a few Changelings actually live here, and, along with Club V, The Black Ale Tavern, and Water’s Old Court, it is the only place of Elysium in the city. Being in the center of the city, it is also the Neutral Zone for all the competing corporations, and as such, they pay heavily to keep it, and Main Street, very clean and very safe; both are under heavy surveillance.

The Cherry Blossom Temple*: Built upon a hill and covered in Bing Cherry Trees, this temple is Shinto/Buddist/Taiost…well, no one really knows what it is, but it seems vaguely Asian…anyways, as long as their humanity stays at a 7 or higher, Kindred can enter, use the Dojo, seek enlightenment with the monks, or just walk the grounds; heck, they have plenty of places to sit as well. A favorite picnic spot; watch out though! The head monk loves spraying down couples making out on the grounds. Rumor has it that Ordo Dracul works out of the Temple, but who knows?

Fox Cafe: A three level cafe open 24-7. Entry level is like a starbucks, roof level is an open air cafĂ© (serves lunch all day and night), basement level is for beatniks. Even though it isn’t openly for Kindred, True Socialist Carthians and Brujas love the basement level.

Kings Arcade and Diner*: A 50’s diner in the front, with an arcade that spirals underground in the back. Owner (Sidney) and Head Chef (Sal) are the only known Immortals in Pendros, and have a secret method for serving edible food for Kindred.

The Blue Bar – A speakeasy themed bar

Mainstreet and Mainstreet Park

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