An unedited and possibly error-ridden estimate of the state of the World in 2038

Sadly, this corporate setting doesn’t bode well for humanity’s future.

I imagine Cuba has exists in a stagnant state, without changing or advancing much.

I imagine Europe exists much as it does today; I honestly don’t have enough information on each country to my current; the more Capitalist countries, like Germany, may being doing quite well, and are probably the last bastions of rational Capitalist thought. Extremely Socialist countries like France are probably struggling; I actually imagine it finally gives into it’s Xenophobic tendencies as they deny access to all foreigners and foreign (non-French) ideas and thoughts, and the whole country becomes quite like the Fahrenheit 451, except they don’t destroy anything French (I’m sorry if any ya’ll are French). I imagine the U.K. does something similar, in an attempt to keep out extremist Muslims, but not taken to the extreme that the French do; I think they become a (bad) balance between Socialism & Capitalism. I honestly the U.K. as the Clockwork Orange.

I think the Middle East and Northern Africa becomes more & more embroiled with sunni vs shiite wars, and as people flee, many become disgusted with the West’s obsession with a materialistic culture that rejects god, and homegrown terrorists develop within those Capitalist countries that allow Middle Eastern Muslim immigrants.

Russia’s population dwindles under more and more tyrannical laws, under a Trinity Russian Orthodox theocracy, established to fight non-Russian religious thinking. By the year 2038, it has become a reflection of a Medieval Russian society, albeit with sub-machine guns and petrol vehicles. I assume that many old Eastern-Bloc countries also become like this.

I see most of the African continent becoming a land embroiled with Warlords and Corporate espionage and exploitation. It begins as soon as the early 2010’s, after Nelson Mandela’s death. A huge race war embroils the nation of South Africa, with the Black African’s taking control; but from there, the country breaks down into chaos and Warlordism. Eritrea attacks Ethiopia, and war tears both countries apart. Kenya’s political crisis is never resolved, and is finally control by American corporations, allowing the people to wallow in despair and die as they mine their valuable natural resources. Angola becomes a protectorate of China. Mozambique successfully plays the US off of China, and reaches a new level of prosperity; although it’s people are still poor, it’s military successfully buffets Warlords and Muslism extremists from other regions, and a their educational stance in regards to defeating HIV and Rape really bring up the quality of life there; however, it this only comes after a bloody cleansing, in which the government slaughters and tortures people with HIV and Rapists; on the Supernatural side of things, it is a terrifying place for Vampires and Werewolves to live.

India begins to come a first world country, but not before a final confrontation with Pakistan causes the worst Nuclear War in human-history, wiping them both off the map; this is why the North Pacific war never escalates to such a level.

Oceania exists much as it does today, with it’s various problems neither getting worse or better; they successively manage to stay out of the Northern-Pacific War.

South America becomes once more a Drug-Lord controlled country, as nations begin to become more and more lax about their drug laws. Brazil’s Belo Monte Dam begins is the final nail in the coffin for the Amazon Rain forest; although this setting doesn’t deal with the fallout, the long term repercussions for the Earth will eventually lead to a very long winter (unless something truly miraculous, scientific, and magical can be done…again, another setting)

Central America becomes China’s staging ground for the Northern Pacific War; years of unchecked corruption and a dwindling society leave it incredibly easy for the Chinese to walk in unchecked. From their, they expand Northward; the only places that avoid getting invaded are those city’s which the Chinese find valuable for future endeavors, or that are the headquarters for mega-corporations who can pay the high price to avoid invasion. Pendros is one such city. Chinese occupation continues even know, and is one of the reason’s for the game’s ‘locked-off’ feeling.

An unedited and possibly error-ridden estimate of the state of the World in 2038

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