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“The nights have been…awesome. The Kine only pay attention to their immediate lives, and they only ever care about themselves. The poor and degenerate live in the worst of housing, and are so easy to feed off of. Hell, get me to a night club! Nobody even notices there if you take a few bites, everyone is so wrapped up their social networks and virtual reality. And us? We rule the night, we rule the day, we rule everything! The mages pander to us. The wolves protect us. The changelings are our servants. The sin-eaters and hunters? Bad memories of nights long past. What could possibly go wrong?”

It has been ten years since then.

Everything went wrong.

In December of the year 2038, a pack of Werewolves ran wild through the city of Pendros. The destruction they wrought couldn’t be ignored. By the next day, pictures and videos had spread across the world. While the world suspected that the creatures they saw were everything from aliens to demons, an announcement was made. They called themselves The Commonwealth. From the heartland of America came a message. “We will not sit idly by while the world ponders. Werewolves, Vampires, Ghosts and Goblins. They are real. WE are real. We are, like you, divided by ideological differences. Unlike you, we have remained hidden, out of faith, fear, because it is what we’ve always done. No more. We’ve lived in a World of Darkness. The Commonwealth sees a future without darkness. We see a world where all peoples can live together in peace. No more World of Darkness, but a World of Light,”

It will never be the same again.

Once the announcement was made, the world as we knew it, as just about anyone knew it, was turned into chaos. World religions began to shatter, governments broke down, and it was then that humanity was made made aware of truths that they should have never known.

Their governments, their faiths, these had been, for a time longer than many could believe, under the control of some sort of supernatural being. Vampires. Werewolves. Mages. Gods. All were real, and all held humanity with a leash.


Some found that they had allies. The Commonwealth’s ranks swelled as they promised something most other creatures of the darkness found abhorrent. They promised to have a government of equality. Every being would have representation, every person would have an equal share as per what they could contribute.

So it came to pass that the world as humanity had known it had changed. Long had they been puppets, unknowingly dancing to a tune they couldn’t hear. Now they knew.

“I like humans! I was one once you know. They have a capacity for love and imagination that I can’t begin to comprehend. But they also are so destructive. We’ve learned to dance the eternal dance. Now we will teach the kine to dance as well, dance to our tune. We’ve always hid in the shadows. Now we walk amongst the herd openly. Truly, these are the Nights of the Kindred,”

This is a Horror-themed RPG incorporating large elements from White Wolf’s various settings, along with their rules, the rules from the Marvel Heroic rpg, hacks from Mirrors, citywide dynamics from Damnation City, the NWOD Revised Project, and custom rules to tie them all in together. It is cyberpunk, but is mainly more about Vampires and their ilk. The setting’s core theme is not just about Vampires and their loss of humanity, but also about how humanity is controlled by powers that do not truly care for their well-being, the impossible struggle of advancement without privilege, and the dream of a world where everyone is judged by their potential. I also deal with themes like what life & death means, what it means to live a moral life, and the grey areas that lie within each.

I am currently running this game weekly on Tuesdays at 5, and online here, in the forums section.

I ran the previous game, which took place in 2038, at the table and at these locations online:
Nights of the Kindred
Vampire: The Danse Macabre

These game locations are no longer being used, but can still be accessed for archival purposes.

Players of these games are encouraged, but not required, to make a profile and add what they’d like to this wiki, as long as it is relevant to the game.

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