Clan tzimisce

Tzimisce: Rational, scientific, and inquisitive.
Nicknames: Fiends, Modders
Clan: Nosferatu
Favored Disciplines: Nightmare, Sanguinarius, and Chimerstry
Favored Devotion: Vicissitude
All by myself: All Tzimisce are repulsive or at the very least uncomfortable to be around. The cause need not be a physical deformity. A palpable aura of menace, a charnel odor or the undeniable manner of a predator is just as compelling as a twisted body. With regard to dice pools based in social situations, the 10-again rule does not apply. Additionally, any 1’s that come up on a roll are subtracted from successes. (This latter part of the Weakness does not affect dramatic-failure rules.) The weakness doesn’t apply to pools when trying to Intimidation someone, use a discipline, or use a devotion.
Freak Machine: There is a reason the Fiends have their nickname. When they were embraced, something in their minds snapped, and now they gain incredible satisfaction when making people suffer. They no longer gain all their willpower back when they act on their virtue, only one. Additionally, they gain 1 willpower back when they act in a manner that is opposite of their old virtue.
I’ve Seen Worse: Haunts automatically gain +3 bonus dice when resisting and sort of intimidation, or other forms of persuasion based around coercion or doubt. They may even add this bonus when resisting the effects of a fear frenzy or riding the wave, but only in situations where the Storyteller rules the Tzimisce is the keeper and creator of the fear and not the sufferer.
Natural Fleshcrafter: Tzimisce receive a +3 bonus to their dice pools related to any use of the Vicissitude devotion (not, however, to dice pools used to activate Vicissitude). In addition, Tzimisce have a subtle ability to mold their own flesh when interacting with others, and gain a +3 bonus to all Presence-based checks based on their physical appearance.

In the setting:
Like Malkavians, Tzimisce (pronounced either tzuh-mee’-see or zhi-mee’-shee, no one is certain) are highly sought out these nights. For ages, especially during the 90’s, the Modders were hated and reviled, as their ranks swelled to fill the ranks of the Lasombra. They were thought to be unable to relate to their human side, and most Kindred believed that they had a natural tendency to be inhumane and horribly sadistic, unable to control the beast’s demands. These nights, this stigmatism is largely forgotten. Most covenants clamber to add a Modder to their ranks, because they are not only able to give them permanent cosmetic changes, but are quite skilled at doing complete body remolds. While members of other clans can learn Vicissitude, only the Tzimisce have a natural ability to make molding flesh both an art, and a science.

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