The Invictus

Covenant invictus

The Invictus is the aristocracy of the night, helping Elders keep their power, and helping new initiates gain it.
Nickname: The First Estate
Advantage: Members of the Invictus may purchase the Herd, Mentor, Resources and Retainer Merits at half the normal experience-point costs (rounding up). This cost break does not apply to purchases of these Merits during character creation.

Setting Information: The Invictus were, for quite a longtime, the dominate Covenant in Pendros. But the Queen’s revolution in 2009 saw their downfall from power, although it did not see it’s removal from the city. Tonight, the Invictus struggle to get new recruits to join the covenant, who see it as old and worthless. The recent promotion of Ella Barkovia to Queen’s Harpy may have been seen as a victory by the covenant, but they aren’t celebrating it.

Incredibly important to the Invictus are their well known titles. While most Covenants do have titles for their members, only the Ordo Dracul have ones even more complicated. However, the Dragons rarely address each other by title, but the Invictus, they insist upon it.

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The Invictus

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