Supernatural Classifications

Your supernatural classification determines what abilities and drawbacks you have, what legends and mythos you or others subscribe to you, society’s opinion of you, and a variety of other things. When selecting a Classification, one of the following 7 applies:

Vampires: Walkers in the night and drinkers of blood. Sunlight does indeed hurt them, and they must indulge in their thirst for blood. Within all Vampires lies a dormant spirit, which goes by many names (the Beast, the Other, the Pilot, the Mother, Caine). It’s desire for the hunt and conquest, violence and death, can drive the weak-willed to madness. To keep their sanity, Vampires interact with fellows of their kind, engaging in conflicts they create for themselves as a way of placating the Beast’s desires, while engaging in an ever challenging game of cat and mouse with mortals, all the while resisting the urge to drink them dry.
Werewolves: Shapechangers cursed through the bite of another Werewolf to carry within their hearts a demon of sin. They must battle this demon of sin for dominance of their body and soul when the lunar phase they changed under is in the night sky. They do so by either placating the demon with the energy of the sins of others, feeding the demon the remains of other demons, or battling the demon by committing virtuous acts. If the demon were to ever win, the human’s cursed soul would cease to live in this realm, and only the demon would remain. Werewolves are armed in their battle against the demon with gifts given to them by the Moon and the Wolf, whom reside within their cursed heart.
Changelings: There is another world that guards the edges of realty between this world and the next. Called the gauntlet by some, the abyss by others, and the hedge by others still, it seeks to keep out the madness of otherworldly realms while preventing mortals from entering. But sometimes, this barrier weakens. Mortals stumble through, and into a world of madness and horror. Sometimes, things from the other side come through, looking for mortals to serve as servants, or playthings. Some become trapped forever. Yet for some, their desire for the mortal realm is too strong, and they are pulled back to realty. They make whatever deal necessary to return home, and quickly learn how to create contracts and oaths with everything, from the plants to the air. Their time in the otherworldly realms, however, has left its mark upon the body, mind, and soul, and they are changed. Now, they fight of the madness at the edges of their memory, while persevering to live everyday to it’s fullest.
Mages: Within every mortal human is the potential for magic. And within each person is an even larger potential for doubt. This doubt smothers the mind’s true capabilities, while also protecting it from the truth. But not for Mages. Oh no. They have seen the truth. Some saw it when they died and experienced the afterlife, before coming back. Some saw it during a drug-induced hallucination. And others have witnessed it their whole lives, being born into families of Mages or other Supernatural beings. Whatever the reason, Mages are awakened to a world of magic. This knowledge and power can be overwhelming to some, and they slowly fall deeper and deeper into magic’s grasp. To combat this, Mage’s use rational thought and wisdom to control themselves, resisting the urge to use magic casually or irresponsibly.
Awakened: There are horrific creatures that lurk in the shadows, and against whom humanity has no known defense, other than their own ignorance. Some have seen what lurks on the boundaries of darkness, and sought to destroy them, without any sort of real knowledge of what they were fighting. These humans are known as hunters. But some humans have seen the true horrors that exist beyond this world. Not Vampires or Werewolves. No, they have seen the true horrors that lurk beyond the perceivable world, but unlike most who are afforded this rare glimpse into the beyond, the Awakened are now truly aware of the darkness, and seek to stop it, even if such an attempt is insurmountable.
Scions: Some people believe them to be descendants of the gods. Others think that they embody the very ideals of humanity. In truth, no one knows what Scions truly are, but one thing is certain: they are incredibly powerful. Scions are indeed embodied with truly god-like powers, and they are ruled by their destiny. In fact, as a Scion grows in power, so does destiny’s grip upon them. While it is possible for Scions to become controlled by their destiny, most find that tempering it with Humility and a Responsibility towards humanity seems to go a long way in keeping control over it.
Wraiths: There is no true formula to predict what lets one soul go on and holds another back – no exact science of the soul. Some say it’s choice, some say it’s chance, and some say it’s a cosmic conspiracy. Still others say it’s all a matter of Fate, which lies somewhere between those three boundaries. Whatever the reason, there are times that the soul does not depart from the world the way that it should. The most precious and painful things left behind, and the feelings they engender, deny these souls full flight from their mortal coil. These great and weighty things are known as Anchors, and they hold the soul down as surely as any chain, prohibiting the peace their final journey into death should bring. What is left behind, fettered to these Anchors, is a spectral mockery of what once had flesh, a voice and a will of its own. It is a shadowy echo of what was mortal: a stillborn voice, whispering in the darkness, and begging – however unconsciously – for the attention of the living. These…are Wraiths.

Supernatural Classification Supernatural Potency Mystical Energy Supernatural Abilities Supernatural Tricks Supernatural Integrity Minor Templates Creation Distinction Political Structure
Vampire Sanguinus Vitae Disciplines Devotions Humanity Ghouls, Dhampires, Thralls The Embrace Clans, Deviations Sects, Covenants
Werewolf Vicious Impulse Malfeasance Gifts Rites Equilibrium Wolfblooded, Wargaz, Unihar The Curse Auspices Lodges
Changeling Wyrd Glamour Contracts Clauses Clarity Faetouched, Ensourcelled, Enchanted Into the Hedge, The Escape Seemings, Kiths Courts
Mage Gnosis Mana Arcana Rotes Wisdom Sleepwalkers, Beholden The Calling Callings Paths
Awakened Arete Luck Masteries (Tricks) Expertise Reason Hunters The Awakening Origins Channels
Scions Dominion Divinity Purviews Knacks Responsibility Pactbound, Sidekicks, Champions The Ascension Domains Pantheons
Wraith Psyche Corpus Manifestations Keys Synergy Bokor The Return Thresholds Archtypes

It should be noted that the setting has three more supernaturals: Ferals, Immortals, and Fallen. Each is unique and quite diverse, but for this reason and that reason, they are unavailable for play (at this point).

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Supernatural Classifications

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