Clan nosferatu

Nosferatu: Quick, discreet and wise.
Nicknames: Haunts, Sewer Rats
Favored Disciplines: Nightmare, Vigor, and Chimerstry
Favored Devotion: Obfuscate
All by myself: All Nosferatu are repulsive or at the very least uncomfortable to be around. The cause need not be a physical deformity. A palpable aura of menace, a charnel odor or the undeniable manner of a predator is just as compelling as a twisted body. With regard to dice pools based in social situations, the 10-again rule does not apply. Additionally, any 1’s that come up on a roll are subtracted from successes. (This latter part of the Weakness does not affect dramatic-failure rules.) The weakness doesn’t apply to pools when trying to Intimidation someone, use a discipline, or use a devotion.
I’ve Seen Worse: Haunts automatically gain +3 bonus dice when resisting and sort of intimidation, or other forms of persuasion based around coercion or doubt. They may even add this bonus when resisting the effects of a fear frenzy or riding the wave, but only in situations where the Storyteller rules the Nosferatu is the keeper and creator of the fear and not the sufferer.
Deviations: Galloi, Tzimisce

In the setting:
Compared to other cities, the status of the Haunts is as different in Pendros as apples are to cellular phones. Since 2009, Queen Sasha has made sure to enforce her law “Born this way”, and has done much to heighten the status of the Nosferatu within Kindred society. This has not, however, made them any more tolerable. Most of the city’s Nosferatu are not ugly, but instead, decidedly beautiful, and somehow, this stirs up jealousy in others, and instead of helping them, Pendros’s status continues to haunt them; people smile and pretend to be their friends to their face, but inside, behind their backs, they hate the Sewer Rats, and wish they would just die.

This is not to say that Pendros is without it’s hideous monsters. Charlie, owner of the Velvet Coffin S&M club, it said to look like a bat, and wears revealing clothing, which only adds to the disgusting effect. Those Nosferatu whom look brilliant can point to their sire (or now grandsire), Georgina Beasley the Gentle, as evidence that not all Nosferatu are beautiful in Pendros. And then there is the rumored Necropolis that lies deep below the city, deeper than Underpendros, past the great drain. There, it is said, Sewer Rats whose visages born from nightmares breed human as cattle, and ‘live’ life in ways no one who isn’t horribly disgusting and macabre can imagine. Of course, this could just be an inflated rumor…

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