Clan morbus

Morbus: Infected, Hunted, Hidden
Nicknames: Carriers, Caregivers
Clan: Mekhet
Favored Disciplines: Auspex, Nightmare, and Temporis
Favored Devotion: Cachexy
Shadow of a Wallflower: The Morbus are witty, intelligent, and above all, cowards. The beast within a Morbus fears its own destruction, and seeks to be closer to the shadows. Morbus take a -2 to all rolls made to resist Rötschreck against Sunlight or Fire, and do not gain the 10-again benefit on all rolls made to resist Rötschreck. Lastly, when one of their last three damage boxes is first checked off, they must make a check against Rötschreck. Each time even one more box is checked, they must make another Rötschreck check. Most of all, the Morbus fear being ignored, and this manifests itself into its own self-fulfilling prophecy; the Morbus do not the benefits of 10-again rule for Presence based dice pools.
Down with the sickness The Morbus are slaves to a highly rarefied palate. Only the blood of diseased and dying mortals sustains them, while healthy blood turns to ash in their mouths (though they may take Kindred Vitae and be nourished by it as normal). They can feed from other vessels only when frenzied, but doing so does not replenish their Vitae to any degree whatsoever. Some Morbus feel compelled to drink blood infected with only one specific disease, but this restriction is only a matter of taste or a psychological limitation. Should such a member be brave or desperate enough to drink from a victim with a different affliction than his preferred one, he suffers no penalty. While these diseases don’t adversely affect the Morbus themselves (usually), they can occasionally be transmitted when the Kindred feed, share blood with their ghouls or have sex.
Nightcore: Just as light cannot exist without darkness, so too does shadow banish light. When acting in total darkness, a Morbus may add +3 to all her dice pools. It requires very little light to break this effect—as little as a candle in a large room.
Drink away your sorrows:Despite what other vampires think of the Morbus, the truth is that while they do typically carry diseases, their bite has an interesting effect on both kine and kindred. They can drink away a person’s disease. When a Morbus drinks from an infected Kindred, they can drink away one disease per vitae consumed. When they drink from a normal human, they have a much more difficult time at removing the infection. The Morbus makes a Wits + Medicine check. If they succeed, the amount of successes they need to make to beat the disease is decreased by the Morbus’s successes. The Morbus makes this roll for each Vitae they take from the human. Some diseases have little to no successes needed, in which case, if the Morbus drinks away those successes needed, the disease is removed from the human.

In the setting:
You’d think that with the Morbus’s ability to remove disease, they’d be praised as heroes by the Kindred community. But such joy is denied to the Morbus whom hide in Pendros. They are seen as nothing more than plague dogs, because the Kindred do not know of the Morbus’s ability to disease drink. This persecution was not made any better in the 90’s, when most Morbus sided with the Sabbat. Rumors spread that anyone drinking from a Morbus, or vice-versa, would become a Morbus themselves. Those of the Morbus clan burned, especially with memories of the 1980’s AIDs epidemic still fresh within many Kindreds’ minds. Tonight, the Morbus have been unable to wash away the stain upon their names.

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