Clan mehket

Mekhet: Quick, discreet and wise.
Nicknames: Shadows, Cowards
Favored Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, and Temporis
Favored Devotions: Obtenebration
Shadow of a Wallflower: The Mekhet are witty, intelligent, and above all, cowards. The beast within a Mekhet fears its own destruction, and seeks to be closer to the shadows. Mekhet take a -2 to all rolls made to resist Rötschreck against Sunlight or Fire, and do not gain the 10-again benefit on all rolls made to resist Rötschreck. Lastly, when one of their last three damage boxes is first checked off, they must make a check against Rötschreck. Each time even one more box is checked, they must make another Rötschreck check. Most of all, the Mekhet fear being ignored, and this manifests itself into its own self-fulfilling prophecy; the Mekhet do not the benefits of 10-again rule for Presence based dice pools.
Nightcore: Just as light cannot exist without darkness, so too does shadow banish light. When acting in total darkness, a Mekhet may add +3 to all her dice pools. It requires very little light to break this effect—as little as a candle in a large room.
Deviations: Maximoff, Morbus

In the setting:
There is not much to be said about the Mekhet in Pendros. The Shadows tend to not spread their curse quite as much as their other Kindred brethren, and seem to obey the Queen’s rules more than most. Because of their ability to excel in the dark, many would think that they are highly sought by Covenants who would use their stealthy prowess, but the Mekhet, having been in the city for years, are already in their positions, and are unlikely to move anytime soon.

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