Incorporeal vs Corporeal

When are Wraiths Corporeal?
Wraiths with even 1 dot of Corpus can choose to be Corporeal at all times. They do this so that they can interact with the Material plane. An Incorporeal Wraith must concentrate for a number of rounds equal to five minus their Stamina before becoming Corporeal, as they must materialize their Ectoplasmic form.

When is a Wraith Incorporeal?
A Corporeal Wraith can become incorporeal by spending 1 point of Corpus as an Action. When a Wraith has zero Corpus, they are forced into their Incorporeal state. Unless they use a power to appear, incorporeal Wraiths remain in their insubstantial state when in the material world. Physical objects appear pale and semi-transparent to them, light sources are dimmed and sounds are distorted as though underwater. This isn’t a place, though; it’s more of a description of how
incorporeal Wraiths interact — or fail to interact — with material reality. When incorporeal, only items, creatures, and phenomena that are also incorporeal and comprised of ectoplasm can touch and see an incorporeal Wraith (they are [usually] otherwise both invisible and intangible to anything not comprised of Ectoplasm). Attacks simply pass through the incorporeal being; solid concrete and steel are no more hindrance than fog.

Incorporeal Wraiths can move at walking pace in any direction. Gravity has no sway, though Wraiths still hug the material terrain. An Incorporeal Wraith could walk up the side of a building, for example, but couldn’t then float through mid-air to the next building.

It should be noted that some other beings, like Demons, can be incorporeal, but since they are made up of hellfire, and not ectoplasm, demons cannot see or interact with Wraiths while incorporeal, and vice-versa.

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Incorporeal vs Corporeal

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