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Explaining XP Rewards:
For the most part, these XP rewards are granted by developing your character. It is possible to rack up quite a few, so spending XP, as always, must be done through roleplaying. I would like to remind people of this fact, because I am seeing the spending of XP not being done through Roleplaying…almost. Remember to record how and on what you spent XP. How, as in, “When my character went to the firing range,” if you level up Marksmanship. Once you’ve used a method of spending XP, you cannot use it again to spend XP. You are more than welcome to record incidents as being possible methods of spending XP before you have the XP to spend them.

CHARACTER’S DESCRIPTION: 5 XP to the character in question. Add about a paragraph worth of description to your character, which would tell anyone reading it enough to get a general impression of who your character is. This is not a physical description.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 3 XP to the character in question. Add a paragraph describing your character’s physical appearance, like physical characteristics, what they wear commonly and maybe even why, and how they hold themselves.

PORTRAIT: 3 XP to the character in question. Give your character a portrait that fits with how you imagine your character. I ask that portraits are of real people, not drawings.

DESIRE: 3 XP to the character in question. Add a paragraph describing your character’s current desire, why they have this desire, and how they mean to achieve/fulfill it. When I see your character actively striving towards fulfilling these goals/desires, I will reward you XP, although only once a session or month for PbP players).

CONFLICT: 3 XP to the character in question. Add a paragraph describing your character’s primary conflict, why they have this conflict, and how it might come up in a game. This will help me make sure the conflict comes into play more often, and when it does, I will reward you XP, although only once a session (or month for PbP players), should your character have more than one. A note about conflicts: Unlike flaws, conflicts really help to add detail to a character, and DO NOT HAVE TO INTERFERE to grant XP (although I imagine they generally will). A desire and conflict could even be similar: The conflict could be: Father is an alcoholic, and the desire could be: Help father recover from alcoholism.

VIRTUE, VICES, & MOTIVATIONS: 3 XP to the character in question for each one. Detail your character’s Virtues, Vices, Motivations and Flaws. That is to say, explain in a paragraph why they have it, what it means to them, and in what situations one would commonly encounter them acting on it. This will assist me in better rewarding your character Willpower and XP when they occur in the game. Additionally, the XP rewarded is for giving a paragraph of detail for each one, meaning, if you detail just your character’s Virtue with one paragraph, you get 3 XP, if you detail their Virtue with one paragraph and their Vice with another paragraph, they get 6 XP, etc.

BACKGROUND: 3 XP to the character in question. Add a paragraph or so detailing your character’s background. Since this can encompass a long period of time for some characters, you should know, I’m looking for anything that helps flesh out the setting, and how it effects your character, with these details including people, places, or setting specific historical events, all of which you can create. If I disagree with your background details, we can discuss those. And of course, you may add whatever details you feel are pertinent, or fun, or whatever!

PERSONALITY: 3 XP to the character in question. Add a paragraph describing your character’s personality. Here are some things to consider to help flesh this out, oh, and, don’t just simply answer these questions. They are just things to think about as you construct your character’s personality:
-Social Interactions:
How do others perceive your character in social interactions? Cheerful? Talkative? Reserved? Charming? Witty? Relaxed? How optimistic are they? Enthusiastic? Hopeful? Fatalistic? Grim? Self-assured? Brooding? How trusting is your character? Gullible? Open-minded? Skeptical? Suspicious? Naive? Trusting?
-Decision Points: When your character tries to decide what to do next, how do they approach such decisions? How assertive are they are at a decision point? Are you Humble? Adaptable? Commanding? Timid? Easygoing? Impatient? How conscientious are they about following rules? Scrupulous? Pragmatic? Dutiful? Honest? Flexible? Wild? How empathetic is your character? Kind? Stern? Thoughtful? Protective? Hard-hearted? Oblivious?
-Dire Straits: When your character lands in a dire situation, how does he or she usually react? Do you follow a code? Do you follow your heart? Do you look out for yourself or others? How courageous are you in dire straits? Brave? Competitive? Steady? Cautious? Reckless? Fierce? How do you feel when faced by setbacks? Stoic? Driven? Happy-go-lucky? Vengeful? Bold? Impassioned? How are your nerves? Calm? Skittish? Restless? Impulsive? Patient? Unshakable?

RESIDENCE: 3 XP to the character in question. Add a paragraph about where your character resides. Keep in mind any dots you may have in the haven merit when doing so.

RELATIONSHIPS: 3 XP to the character in question for each one. Add a paragraph detailing your character’s relationships. These can be past relationships, or current ones. Feel free to add as much or as little as you’d like, but remember to restrict the usefulness of these relationships to what your merits allow. Considering that your character might not have any relationships, this might be a reason to either give them previous ones, or to actively make sure that they develop new ones.

THEME SONGS: 3 XP to the character in question. Finally, give your character a theme song! For a little fun, I say that this song plays when people call you. Also, come up with songs that play on your character’s phone when people call your character. This is what your character thinks of your relationship with the character in question. These are for a bit of fun, so don’t worry too much about how the song will sound to others in the game, although you are welcome to have it play in the game.

Non-character development based XP rewards:

JOURNAL ENTRY: 1 XP to all active characters and/or possibly 1 more to character in question. Make a journal entry. I ask that if you make a journal entry about gameplay, you do so using the dating system provided. This could also be used to add past events. Otherwise, if you are just trying to remember what occurred during the game session, you can use today’s date, but please make sure to note that. This will only be applicable weekly for tabletop players, and monthly for PbP players. Note that this is the reward for everyone; should two player’s make a journal entry, only 1 XP will be rewarded to every character, although if it pertains directly to your character after player 1 has posted an entry, your character may still be able to get 1 XP just for themselves.

ADD DETAILS TO THE WIKI: ??? XP to characters one character of your choice. Help add details to the wiki. I may forget to add details to the wiki from time to time, including descriptions to locations or other characters. Additionally, you can create locations, although this will still be subject to my discretion. This could also be as simple as adding helpful links and tags throughout the wiki. Depending on how these details may add to the setting or this wiki, I will reward XP on a case-by-case basis. Note that adding a sentence will probably not net you this XP.

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