Vampires are dead, static things. The spark of life that allows humans to develop and grow has been robbed from them. Because of this, a Vampire may not permanently raise their Attributes through Experience after the Embrace. Instead, Vampires have Disciplines – undead augmentations of their body, mind and soul that make them supernaturally faster, stronger, brighter or more alluring. Each Discipline directly adds its value to an Attribute, as follows:

Attribute Discipline
Imagination Chimerstry
Intelligence Sanguinarius
Wisdom Auspex
Resolve Constance
Magnetism Majesty
Manipulation Domination
Humor Courtoisie
Composure Nightmare
Physique Fervor
Agility Praestantia
Coordination Celerity
Stamina Resilience
Hope Cupio
Peace Mérges
Passion Obsequium
Patience Temporis

Thus, a Vampire’s Dexterity is equal to their Dexterity when Embraced, plus their dots in the Celerity Discipline. This means that Vampires will tend to try to Embrace people in their “prime”. Attribute additions based on Disciplines are considered normal Attribute additions in every way – additions to Resolve add to Will, additions to Stamina add to Health, and so on. When rolling dice, the Vampire uses this total to count as their natural attribute bonus, not as a Supernatural power, and may not add the Discipline again to their dice pool, although they may feel free to add another, unused Discipline.

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