What is Corpus?

Corpus is the ectoplasm that makes up the Wraith’s physical manifestation of their soul. Corpus is defined by their body’s residual self-image. Corpus is also the “juice” by which Wraiths empower their Manifestations and other supernatural abilities.

So which is it? Their body or their soul?
It is both. Corpus helps build up and form the corporal body of the Wraith. Wraiths tend to look like they did at the time of death, albeit slightly more fashionably corpse-like. A Wraith with their maximum amount of Corpus looks as solid as they did when they were living. As a Wraith looses corpus, their image starts to look frayed around the edges, and increasingly translucent. When all their Corpus is stripped away, then their soul (or Psyche) is bare and exposed. They appear as a translucent, shivering, naked and emaciated version of themselves, glowing with the light of death from within. Click here to know more about Wraiths being Incorporeal and Corporeal

Can you die at Zero Corpus?
You don’t die straight off, but violent force (by violent force, I mean that your character takes damage to their health) applied to your incorporeal body will eventually cause it to literally fall through a hole in reality and into the Labyrinth, where it will undergo the Harrowing. This is in no way a pleasant experience for the Wraith concerned.

How do you use it?
A Wraith uses Corpus to fuel Manifestations, to temporarily absorb injury, and to open Avernian Gates. Thanks to the utility of Corpus, it’s a valuable commodity for Wraiths, but not one that’s easily traded. As a form of ghostly essence, it retains its power only when it’s captured within the Wraith’s body (or, in rare cases, held in a semisolid form via a special Manifestation). Wraiths can hold Corpus indefinitely if it isn’t used, and many Wraiths like to stock up in order to make sure they’re prepared for any contingency, but acquiring the Corpus in the first place can be troublesome. Click here for more info about the Uses of Corpus or Click here for more info about how Wraiths Acquire Corpus

Tell me about Ectoplasm.
Ectoplasm appears as a residue in sites that ghosts regularly haunt, and in low places such as cenotes, especially ones with Avernian Gates. This ghostly remnant can appear as a solid, jellylike mass, as a thick, syrupy liquid or as a greenish vapor. Usually, Ectoplasm that’s uncontained simply sublimates and vanishes in a matter of minutes; it dissipates rapidly in the living world as it decays back into the entropy from which it formed. Wraiths, though, can recognize and harvest Ectoplasm for their own uses.

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