Casino District

Buildings and Businesses:

The Golden Goblin*: Nikos Maximoff’s first and favorite Casino, it looks like a fantasy nerd’s favorite Casino, but it honestly is built for the Kindred population. It hooks right into Underpendros, and has no windows to the outside world, meaning that those Kindred that MUST move during the day might find themselves here.

Miner’s Casino – A casino set into the side of the mountains, that has an old-west mining theme. Its customers are mainly senior citizens.
The Tower Casino

The Rubber Suit – A bar/club that specializes in VR entertainment. Log in with your implant or grab a set of goggles and take the role of giants or monsters trampling through whatever city is featured that night (Tokyo is popular). Buildings can be toppled with casual gestures, and litle army men will mount occasional excursions against you, or you might be buzzed by a VR fighter jet. The name is a reference to a certain 1950s movie that relied on rubber suits for the sort of special effects that the bar’s VR takes care of…

Casino District

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