Agents are simply additional characters that the players control. The Agent is the Primary character’s right-hand operative or favored minion. Each player can have only one Agent in existence at a time.

Agents are created just like any other character, according to the rules in the World of Darkness Rulebook. An Agent gains an amount of starting experience based on his master’s Influence dots. Agents may have one minor template appropriate to the character who has the agent, though they may be mortal characters at the player’s discretion. Mortal Agents gain no special benefit for surrendering their minor template.

If possible, an Agent can be changed, after the game starts, into a being of the same type as the character who has the agent, if the standard costs and scenarios are payed/role-played.

Players may dispatch their Agents on missions by spending one Influence point per scene. Once any player’s Agent has been dispatched on a mission, every other player may send her Agent along without paying the Influence cost. A different player may pay the Influence cost per scene as long as one Influence point is paid by the troupe per scene in which one or more Agents are active.


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