Nights of the Kindred

The return of the Sabbat

With Anneliese’s death, a power vacuum once more appeared in the city. Finally seeing their chance, the Sabbat quickly moved in, and took control. For almost two bloody years, they ruled the city, driving mortals into the hands of strange protectors, like the Commonwealth and the The Prima Invicta. The spirit world was sent into a darkness, and it was soon a problem of biblical proportions, threatening to swallow the city and it’s surroundings into hell. Had it not been for the actions of Scott-Aaron and his ferals, a permanent portal may have been opened.

To kill a Queen, to kill a Goddess

A team lead by Sasha Fierce and Alexander Runningwater assault Anneliese’s seat of power in an attempt to destroy her. Once there, they found that she had finished her ritual, and had become the Vampire Goddess Crimson. With nothing to lose, Sasha and Runningwater sacrificed themselves in order to weaken Crimson, and the rest of their assault team killed the Goddess, removing her dark taint forever.

The Team: (Note: In fact, not all of these people were there at the final assault, but they were involved in it in someway)

Amy Smith
Andy Charging Moose (One Man Bucket)
‘Crazy’ Iren Maximoff
Crystal Waters
DJ Gauge
Eugene Holloway
Falzor Nacre
Harun Ajam
Iranis Pakaliki
Johnathin Hawkins
Khalid Ammon
Michael Miller
Kasumi “Misty” Flanders
Ms. Fellowes
Nathaniel Goregeous
Ra’id Nejem
Richard Twidell
Samantha Moreland
Seif El-Amin
Zoe Maximoff

The Bloody Night
Crimson's horrible and bloody sacrifice

All of the Caitiff became possessed by the beast, and began draining everyone dry, giving their Vitae to Anneliese Barkovia. The Crimson Brigade fought to protect their leader, seemingly possessed by her spirit.

The Carthian War
A celebration of the temple's reconstruction

Talent Show Participants:
Freakshow, Aurora

Fighting Tournament:
Rock, Aurora, Warren

Hot Dog eating contest:

Rachel went into Torpor
She's back up December 9th
A city gone mad
You want to know how it all happened?

Michael Miller:

This is how it happened. Trust me, I was there.

See, two days ago, Nathaniel Gorgeous had summoned the largest gathering of Masked to ‘The Dome’, a Gigantic indoor arena meant for Hoverball and large concert venues. Everyone was in attendance.

At the center of the Dome was the Queen and her court.

The Queen rose to give an announcement.

A shot rang out.

Fire enveloped the Queen.

Chaos ensued.

That night, lines had been drawn in the sand. Some said that the Queen had survived, but just barely, and she now slept in torpor. Others confirmed that she was dead, burnt to a crisp before their very eyes. Either way, it was supposed to be the Princesses’s time to rule. But Nathaniel Goregeous wouldn’t concede the throne. The changelings rose up to support him and their ‘five court army’. Upon hearing this news, The Carthians announced that they wouldn’t be following the Queen any longer, and began claiming Turf in the University district. The werewolves quickly began making similar declarations, saying the time of Vampire rule was at an end. During the morning of that same day, a disaster sealed the lines: An innocent’s house had blown up when a confrontation between the Los Incendios Tocado and Carthian Ghouls became heated, killing the mundane inhabitants. By the next night, the night of February 2nd, Whisper made a decree: The Residential district was off-limits. All those Masked who wanted to stay in the Residential district had to report to her to protect the borders, or they had to get out.

The city had gone mad.

9news at 11
But our first story of the hour, the ongoing investigation of the disappearance of Pendros Police Officer Peter Packard. We go live to Investigative reporter David Grue, on the scene now

DAVID GRUE: Thanks Sandra. I’m here outside of the Guzzled Mug, located in Pendros’s Historic District at Lafayette and Lawrence, where Officer Packard was last scene.

(Cut from live footage to footage recorded earlier. A man’s profile picture can be seen. He wears a sweater and jeans, and plays with a small child)

DAVID CRUE: Peter Packard was a husband and father of four children. He was also the lead investigator for what the people of Pendros are now calling the ‘Vanishing Case’, which started with the disappearance of 21-year old Ashley Price.

(Cut to taped footage of a woman crying.)

JANICE PRICE: She had just started her fourth year of college, and her last location update said she was at #9. But then, she just vanished!

(Cut back to another photo, this one of an attractive, young blonde woman, wearing a soccer jersey and smiling. It falls on top of the photo of Officer Peter Packard)

DAVID CRUE: That footage was taken in July from an interview with Ashley’s mother, Janice Price. The only clue investigators found was Ashley’s bloody identifier chip, which was located inside of a Barkovian Incineration Plant, far from the Thinkbest bar Ashley was last seen. Thinkbest Industries has taken over the investigation of that disappearance, but have found no leads.

(More photos fall onto the pile, before it cuts to video footage of Pendros’s Industrial District, and the location of Barkovian Incineration plants.)

DAVID CRUE: What does Ashley’s situation have to do with Peter Packard? Ashley’s identifier chip wasn’t the last one found at this location; at least 4 others, investigators say, were located there as well. All of them missing cases, and all of them starting in Pendros’s Thinkbest district. Until two weeks ago. Another identifier chip was located, but this time, the person who had disappeared was last spotted…at the Guzzled Mug.

(Cut to footage of the Guzzled Mug during the day)

DAVID GRUE: That’s when Officer Packard’s case opened up. The historic district is under public protection, and Peter’s case got one step closer to being solved.

(The pile of photos begins burning up)

DAVID GRUE: That was until last week, when Officer Packard…vanished.

(Cut back to live footage of David Grue in front of the Guzzled Mug)

DAVID GRUE: Sandra, we’ve tried to get a comment the supposed owner of this bar, but he had no comment for us. Patrons of the bar told us that attendance has gone down ever since new tenants rented out the apartment above this abandoned office supply store located right next door; they have been unable to reach for comment.

SANDRA REED: David, I can see a gaping hole in the wall there. Has there been any indication of violence at that address?

DAVID GRUE: That’s funny thing Sandra. Witnesses say that the tenants have visitors all hours of the night, and that only yesterday there was a large group of women gathered there and at the bar. You can see into the residence from that whole, and as you can see, it seems decked out like a Cyberpunkers laboratory, see maybe the hole was caused by an experiment gone wrong? Like I said earlier, no one has answered our requests for an interview at the residence, and police say that there are no answers to be had during the day. One thing is for sure, once people began disappearing from the Guzzled Mug, disappearances at #9 stopped, which was around the same time as these tenants above the bar moved in. A very odd coincidence I think Sandra.

SANDRA REED: An odd coincidence indeed. Investigative reporter David Grue, thank you David.

DAVID GRUE: Thank you Sandra.

(Back in the studio)

SANDRA REED: 9wants to know! If you have any tips in this investigation, please call 303-871-9999 or contact us at

(Storyteller note: Those are real numbers, please don’t actually call them!)


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