Displaced Beeper

This black beeper has the smiling face of Displacer Beast painted on its side.


“A beeper?”

Michael seemed perplexed as he turned the device around in his hands. Macario just nodded his head as he walked about the room. An odd looking man with tufts of hair coming from his ears and looking a bit like a mix between a small human and gopher was standing on a table, going through a briefcase.

“A beeper? That’s the last thing you give me? That’s the most valuable tool in your arsenal. A beeper. Way to rely on a…what are you again?,”

Macario just kept nodding, and the little man closed the briefcase angrily.

“Gnome. I’m a gnome. And the beeper is incredibly powerful. Its the only thing that can get an electronic signal through Underpendros. It’ll vibrate when you’re around Nightmare creatures, and beep when a Displaced comes through from the Shadow within your patrol area. Also, people will get out of your way in crowds and when you chase people, when you have it on your person, that is,”

Michael smiled his toothy grin as he tumbled the beeper through his fingers.

“Nice little Beeper you’ve got here,”

Macario shook his head.

“No. Nice beeper you’ve got there,”


Displaced Beeper

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