This Hunter is not to be taken lightly. Some say she comes from another world. Some say she is a Ninja. But everyone knows, if she lets you see her, you're dead. Or, she's in a weird mood, and just wants to be friends.



A dangerous, lithe, powerful woman, Taki was bread and born to be an assassin. Displaced from her home, this troubled woman searches for purpose in her life. She is a beautiful woman with a remarkable physique that is impossible to overlook. She carried herself with the confidence of a physically capable killer. She is pleasant enough when she needs to be, but there is something about this young lady that is obviously troubled. Despite her reputation as an outstanding protector of the innocent, her actual motives are entirely unknown.

Quote “Of course no one can find me. I am so lost, I can’t even manage to find myself.”


There is no denying that Taki has an incredibly attractive body, and she is well aware that it is her body that people notice first and so she holds herself with great confidence. Years of intense exercise and advanced training in martial fighting styles give her unparallelled balance and an uncanny fluidity to her movements. However, beyond her aggressive physique, the rest of her is pleasantly simple. Rarely will you find her wearing makeup and her hair is almost always tied back into a simple ponytail. One could assume that she would have quite a vibrant smile, if she ever smiled, and while no one in their right mind would ever describe her as vulnerable, her soft, green eyes, have a quiet sadness to them. More often than not she is found wearing street cloths appropriate for something between a night out clubbing or spent hustling a pool table at a bikers bar.


Much of Takis childhood and young adolescence was dictated and driven by blind obedience. When she found herself in Pendros, for the first time in her life, she was given an opportunity to enjoy herself and pursue her own desires. Unfortunately, her past scared her more permanently than even she could have realized. When the whimsical, desires of her teenage years faded she soon found herself living without purpose. She understands what her friends expect of her, what society expects of her, and what her past expects her to be, but she has no concept of what she wants for herself. Whether she understands it or not, her true desire is to have something to desire. Something to be proud of or look forward to so that she doesn’t feel so lost and incomplete.

Virtue: Charity

So much of Takis life was spent in turmoil. She learned little in the way of virtue. She is not a selfish woman, but she has learned pride is the folly of the strong, justice is convoluted and that only the week need help from others. However, despite what her harsh life has taught her, Taki periodically takes solace in breaking this thick skinned view on life. While she would never admit it, her grace towards others is all that hold her shambled sanity together. She may view Charity as a weakness, but her sympathy towards others is all that keeps her whole.

Vice: Gluttony

An individual can only take so much torment before they need an escape. When her mind is too convoluted, and the world around her a growing storm, she finds that escape in over indulgence. While liquor has become her poison of choice, it is certainly not her only vice. Adrenaline, and drugs find their way into the chaotic mixture that cures her restlessness when she lacks the willpower to contain it all herself.

Motivations: Rush, Paragon, Glory

For someone who who feels they have no purpose in the world, it is difficult for Taki to find motivation in her life. She cares little about money or political power. What truly drives her are the principals ingrained in her from her past, and her desire to feel alive. She doesn’t know what to live for, so she lives simply for those moments when she feels truly alive. Those moments when there is a pure Rush of excitement, adrenaline, panic and pleasure. When she is not in these moments, she feels numb. She doesn’t know how to feel without being caught in extreme moments, so she spends the remainder of her time striving to perfect herself. She grew up with the understanding that she was never strong enough, fast enough, or talented enough, and so spends every waking moment attempting to become the a Paragon of physical perfection. She was taught not to draw attention to her, and so in her mind she is determine that she does nothing for fame, but a more instinctual part of her still strives to be noticed. While she may not want her deeds to become well known, she does want them to be noticed by the few people whose opinions she values. Even though she may not admit it, she still seeks the glory that come with all of the hard work and risk that she puts into achieving her accomplishments.

Flaws: Embarrassing Secret, Nightmares, Schizophrenia

Scars from the past leave cruel marks on Takis life. She has been lost in the confusion of her memories for so long that she struggles now to discern the horrors of her past from the reality of the world around her. Though she spends most of the day maintaining the facade of a perfectly normal individual, violent visions pry their way into waking moments and even more terrifying visions ravage her dreams. As a woman charged with hunting down the monsters of the world, she rarely knows if she is awake or dreaming, rational or trapped in another nightmare.

Conflicts: Hunted

It is no wonder that someone in Takis profession has made more enemies than friends. While most of those shunned by the young assassin pose little threat to her, there are others who not only wish her harm, but have the very real means to succeed in such deed. Taki has never shown much tact or digression when dealing with the supernatural, and so there is no shortage of those she has scorned. In the past her run ins with past enemies have been sporadic but it is becoming more and more obvious that the determination and aggression of those hunting her is driving them to take more drastic measures.


Takis earliest memories are of a life in a different realm. A mystical land she refers to as Ethren. She has no memory of her parents, and instead remembers her childhood as disciplined emotionless period of training under the watch of a monastery of monks, trained in the banishment and destruction of Demons. In her recollection, this period of her life ended when the very Demons she was training to fight, massacred her caretakers. She was rescued by a man by the name Lous. He lead her to a string of islands where she spent her adolescence slaying all manner of mythical creatures, all the while, longing for nothing more than his approval.

One day, the frightened teenager found herself naked, in the middle of a road in Pendros with no understanding of how she had gotten there. She was taken in and cared for by a group of people who themselves had unique abilities and backgrounds. For a while, she lived the playful, carefree life of a teenager, but the scattered memories and nightmares of her past slowly coerced her into a different lifestyle.


Takis personality is volatile at best. Her true self is hidden under many layers of how she knows she is expected to act. A solemn woman at her core, Takis outward attitude can range anywhere from flirtatious to insane. When dealing with people in a more professional manner, she is excessively blunt, and relies on her reputation as a means of intimidation in hopes of keeping things short and simple. However, when dealing with people in a more personal matter, Taki struggles to act less callous, and more… normal… Still quite curt and short spoken, she finds it difficult to show emotions without exposing herself, or threatening others. A very guarded woman, it is often obvious to people who know her when she is overtly attempting to be social by the over the top, stereotypical, flighty, flirtatious overtones she takes on.


As a renown hunter, Taki works hard to ensure that as little as possible is known about where she spends her nights, or more often days, recovering from her daunting work. A small, studio apartment tucked away in the TBD district that consists of little more than a mattress and a small cashe of personal arms and armor. Only a handful of her closest friends know where she lives, and even fewer have actually been there.


Dear Diary…

Kurgen my friend,
I speak to you through the ages, despite the knowledge that you will likely never hear my words. Should they find you, I expect they will sound unfamiliar and alien. The program I am using refuses my native words and so I often struggle for acceptable words with the correct meaning. With intelligence and patience I expect that your mind could make sense of them all. We both know that you possess an over abundance of one of these qualities and a shortage of the other, so I will have to rely on hope. It’s a foolish thing to rely on but there is no one else who can understand where I come from and speaking to this damn machine with no intended recipient only makes me feel even more insane. I suppose I’d prefer to talk to a ghost rather than nothing at all.

My friend Sam assures me that you are likely alive and well back in Il-artijiet għebet tal-mage kbira [Translation.Error1] Ethren. I don’t think she understands exactly how much trouble you manage to get yourself into. I feel like the Anzjani Serp [Translation.Error1] Elder Dragons played a foul trick, sending me to this world and leaving you in the other. I suppose that if things were the other way around you would be enjoying yourself quite a bit. They have mechanisms here that are quite astounding. They are not so different than artifacts from our world, except that they are common place. They have managed to enslave elettriku [Translation.Error1] lightning and manipulate it in endless ways. I feel like you would appreciate their creativity more than I do. It’s all become so trivial for me now and I take it for granted.

Despite the things this world has to offer, I still struggle to find meaning in all of it, or any of it for that matter. My dreams are terrorized by the gnashing maws of enormi jtajru serp [Translation.Error1] dragons, consumed by the burning tongues of spiteful dimostrazzjo [Translation.Error1] demons, and fed on by the ravaging fangs of dawk bl-ebda ispirtu [Translation.Error1] those without souls. I awaken each evening, sweating and confused. My heart pumping adrenaline through my veins. For that split second, my senses are acute, my muscles are ready and every aspect of me is alive. It’s after that moment that the true confusion, frustration, and desperation sets in. I live in a world overrun by monsters but driven by a society that chooses not to acknowledge them. Violence is abhorred and even those who recognize the world for what it really is still hesitate to raise a hand against it. I need permission from one vile creature to vanquish another, and even then it must be done in secret without the fragile commoners understanding what is taking place.

I’m jealous of you friend. I relish the days when I lived in a world where brutality would be met by equal force. This world is so convoluted that they would shame physical violence against the very same monsters that terrorize and tyrannize their entire society. I had so little appreciation for the honest childhood I spent under the guidance of our strong leader. Louse never once patronized me by showering me in adoration, but he gave me the opportunity to prove my worth. I hope that you never have to understand what it feels like to sweat and bleed in secret on behalf of people who loath you for what you really are. For what you have to be. In our time together, I lived for the opportunity to prove myself by simply surviving the chaos of the world we lived in, and with each survived encounter and slayed beast I valued my life even more. Now the only excitement in my life are those brief moments where I fear it might end. Even then I sometimes fear that it might not end soon enough. I’m growing older. What value does my life hold now? Fighting for a cause that benefits those who refuse to acknowledge that the problem even exists.

I sometimes relish the though that someday this entire facade will collapse around them. A day when the glimpses of bloodshed that interrupt my sane thoughts become realities instead of twisted fantasies. When their precious mirage of lethargic peace finally fades away, they will be the ones found wanting. Not myself. Not those like you and I who are not afraid to embrace reality for what it truly is.

Ħalli qawwa tiegħek tkun bla waqfien fl-affarijiet kollha [Translation.Error1]
Let your power be relentless, in all things.


1 [Translation.Error] The program was unable to discern the previous word or phrase as any known word in the collective linguistics database. Please speak more clearly to avoid this problem in the future.


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