Spencer Ng

An obvious 'borg, this guy has more plugins than most dedicated modders. From cutting edge to obsolete, he sports silicone and superconducters in every nook and cranny.


Virtue: Faith
Vice: Greed
Musical Reference: Mad World – Gary Jules


Avarice – Digital Dreams – Spencer is addicted to his plugins and will do almost anything for his next fix. He hopes that one more modification, one more implant, will be enough to change who he is… to transcend what his keepers made him into and become something more, something better- something he’s chosen for himself. To fund his passion he cuts deals with anyone who can pay, and those looking for less-than-legal installs often end up on his operating table.

Perfection – Eye of the Beholder – Spencer has experienced perfection and his soul aches to feel it again. With gold and silver and copper and bronze he was forged into something beautiful, a prized clockwork agent of his keeper who taught him the many mysteries of the flesh and forge. When he fled, he was tarnished. He escaped through caustic clounds and rivers of bitter effluvium, and emerged from the hedge twisted and wizened. He’s not sorry that he ran, but he yearns for the beauty he once knew and works to recreate it in his surgery. Life has so many opportunities to see joy and beauty, and he wants to sieze them all. He uses his talents to bring others closer to the perfection they imagine for themselves, while trying to hold on to his humanity and still recapture the sense of transcendent beauty and peace that he felt while in Arcadia.

Spencer Ng

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