Anneliese Barkovia, aka The Vampire Goddess Crimson

Previous ruler of Pendros, Anneliese turned out to be a puppet of Vampire Goddess who attempted to return to the mortal realm.


It was discovered that Anneliese was in fact a Scion of the Vampire Goddess Crimson, not a Vampire. She had been responsible for the outbreak of the Caitiff, and used their numbers to evoke an blood ritual in an attempt to gain god-like power. She was brought down by a team of Vampires & other supernaturals lead by Sasha Fierce and Alexander Runningwater, most of whom died in the process, having to sacrifice themselves in the process.

Executive 5, Manipulator 4

Old text:

The Mayor of Pendros, Anneliese has been the public face of Vampire/Human relations. Ever since she revealed her status as a Dhampire, she has gained supporters on both sides. Additionally, she is in charge of the Crimson Brigade.

Known as the Vampire Queen by many Masked, Anneliese has the backing of the mortal government & her Crimson Brigade to solidify her position. Rumors say that she holds much of Pendros in contempt, and that she became mayor simply to advance her interests

Anneliese Barkovia is the Mayor of Pendros and successor to the Queen’s rule; she is known simply as the Princess, a name she has taken to heart. Recently, she declared herself the head of the Crimson Brigade, a covenant she created herself.

Princess Annaliese Barkovia, Heir Apparent and Magistrate of the Night Club District


Anneliese Barkovia, aka The Vampire Goddess Crimson

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