Noelle Jordan

An expert marksman and survivalist werewolf.


A taller woman with a very active build, Noelle is not hard on the eyes. Latina blood leads to a curvy physique that is laced with muscles due to years of ‘bush-wacking’. The change to a werewolf has only increased this. Normally spotted with a cigarette in the mouth and a gun in hand, she isn’t one to take lightly.
Noelle is darkly tanned with olive toned skin, and large dark green eyes. Her long ringlet strewn black hair is normally tied up in a high pony-tail and she upholds the laid back style a little more by commonly wearing high-tops, denim shorts and hoodies. If one is curious with the fact that she dresses like a teenager, well… Noelle was only 17 at the change.


Born of Spanish-Canadian blood, Noelle’s mom did a runner when she was just a baby, leaving her with her heart-broken father. Growing up in a world of men and boys, Noelle became very tomboyish in youth, but matured out as a strong, defiant young woman. She took to long periods of hunting and generally discovering the woods around her home as her father taught her things a hunter/trapper should know. Due to this, Noelle feels most comfortable under the night sky than in a bed with the lights on.

General impression:
Noelle is a strong and perseverant person, who has always managed to keep going, no matter what the world has thrown at her. This has made her overly critical and harsh at times, as she judges everyone and tends to dislike people not when they fail, but when they give up.

Noelle isn’t quiet, and can be loud, but only when the mood takes her. She has a dry sense of humour and is sarcastic at times. She is also very blunt, and therefore not so good with the ‘aimless prattle’ (as she calls it) that vampires are so taken to. ‘Suck it up and be a man’ is something she takes almost too seriously, and rarely shows her softer side to anyone. When one does see her softer side, it is nearly a polar opposite from her general personality as she is less hot-headed, sympathetic and motherly. This may lead people to think she is bi-polar.

Noelle typically thinks of life one day at a time, but she does have few goals.
Short term:
Settle- Noelle is relatively new to the werewolf life and knew very little about the real thing before her change. She wants to find a decent home, get a paying job, make some contacts and find a pack. She isn’t enjoying the constant running.
Finish high school- Although Noelle isn’t a genius, and rather attuned to the physical side of life, she still has a small sense of completing something she spent 11 and a half years on. She doesn’t know how she’ll do it, but she wants to get her matric before her official 18th birthday.
Long term:
Reconcile with parents- The last time she saw her dad, she was human, and traipsing into the bundu, rifle in hand, ready to shoot a deer or five. It’s been a month or so since then. She doesn’t know how she’ll do it, but she didn’t get to say a proper goodbye. She wonders if she ever will.

Noelle Jordan

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