Nathaniel Goregeous

The King of the Changelings is devoted to the Queen, and found where ever she goes. Despite accusations, he's still quite aware of the needs and woes of Pendros's Changelings, & fears that they never did successfully rid the world of the True Fae.


Nathaniel Goregeous, King of the Changelings, Fairest Romancer, Sovereign of Snow and Spring.

A member of the Winter Court long ago, Nathaniel Goregeous has come a long way since he first stepped into Pendros. While he spent years hiding and avoiding most confrontations, Nathaniel finally accepted who he was, and switched to the Spring court. It was soon after that he rose to importance within Changeling society. He was elected to represent Changeling interests in front of the Primogen council. When Queen Sasha came into power, he jumped at the chance to represent the Changelings in a brand new way. Within a few years, he became the Queen’s most trusted adviser.

Nathaniel, despite the title that is used to describe himself to non-fae, only rules the Pendros Freehold from December 25th to May 1st.


Nathaniel Goregeous

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