Michael Alvertson

Daeva Shadow


Michael is an outsider among his own clan, chosen for a Daeva over his remarkable looks rather any personality trait. In a best-case scenario he could be called a thrill seeker, when on the hunt for information or a suspect, or plotting a scheme. A former (slightly dirty) detective turned nighttime PI with the embrace, he spends much of his time alone and tends to enjoy it that way.

Daeva, Kindred, Unaligned, Investigator 1, Enforcer 0


~ Random girl

The first thing most people notice about Michael are his strikingly cut, angular, french-model style features. Features amplified by a pair of bright golden eyes that encase the viewer in what can only be described as awe. Those able to see past his face are usually surprised by the slouched, tired posture that follows him to social events; or the thick, worn, slightly tattered knee-low trenchcoat he goes few places without. With a worn set of jeans and comfortable looking running sneakers on, he is outstanding as a man dressed for function over form.



With the death of his brother Jon, Michael’s life took a dark turn. His parents began fighting all the time, and he was in and out of school over the years, doing what he could to discover the person responsible for his brother’s death. He took up learning about programming, network security, and cryptography to make up for being stonewalled in personal interviews for being a kid. By the age of 16, he had successfully hacked his school and graduated himself with straight As, then convinced his divorced parents that moving to Pendros, in his brother’s old house, was the best thing for him.

Within Pendros he gained some renown as a ThinkBest hacker under the anonymous moniker ThinkBetter, which led to quite a lot of business being thrown his way. He loved it, for a while. After a time his obsession with his brother’s killer grew again, and he hacked himself a degree in Criminology from the University of Pendros and joined the Pendros PD in hopes of doing more from within the system. After only a few years he was promoted to detective for his sharp mind and convincing attitude. He spent several years attempting to discover and destroy the person responsible for his brother’s death, with no success. He quit and started his own PI business.

He found the PI work to be very easy for a lot of pay, granting him a great deal of free time to continue the search. But, unable to make much headway on a ten year old case, he fell into a light depression and began going out for drinks regularly. It was on one of these trips he met his future sire Gleb, who took to him immediately for his ability to pick up women with seemingly little effort. They kept up a good relationship until the night after his embrace, when Gleb was dragged off for torture by the Queen’s bodyguards. Unable to let that sit with his failure in hunting down his brother’s killer fresh in his mind, Michael is trying hard to ensure the survival of his sire.


The loss of his brother around 10 year old hit Michael hard. He felt betrayed. He detached from the world, began to ignore his parents, and withdrew in to anonymity wherever he could. He avoided group projects, socializations that didn’t directly benefit him, and began using free time to improve himself for revenge. These are habits that die hard. Though he has gotten better over the years and is far less reclusive, he still prefers his own company. If he finds a situation not to his liking he has been known to simply leave it, burning bridges and possible connections in the process.


When he became a Thinkbest device hacker in his mid teens, Michael truly recognized the benefit of power. People came to him with their problems, they flocked in droves because he had something they all wanted. He had abilities others dreamed of. It became intoxicating. Every time a new client contacted him he raised the price a little higher, because he could.

There were few willing and capable of doing what he did, and he liked it that way. It was about the power. He strove harder and faster to learn more and expand his client base. Rapidly, his skills expanded; and he strives to continue that trend daily. To be the best at what few are even willing to do for the respect that comes with that kind of talent.


As a detective in his early twenties Michael was given a combination of awe and disdain for being one of the youngest to make detective among the PPD. Because of this, few people were willing to partner with him and he often took cases on his own, leading to a minor legendary status within the department when, after a full year, he had the highest percent of closed cases. He reveled in praise of his peers. From then on he viewed his work as a competition for which the ends justified the means. He would never sabotage another detective’s work, but he considered himself above the law. More than once he would be denied a warrant and enter anyway, or hack phone records, GPS, and texts. There was little he wouldn’t do for more information, as long as he could erase his tracks.


Jon Alvertson (deceased) Take Me Away – Globus: Michael’s older, somewhat delinquent brother, Jon spent a great deal of his youth out of school and on the wrong side of the law; despite the well-to-do income of their parents, who frequently clashed with Jon’s idea of what turns his life should be taking. In his mid teens a slapshod gang of slackers and drug-dealer wannabes encouraged Jon to drop out of school entirely to join their budding enterprise. Jon thought this was a great idea, and was almost immediately kicked out by his parents who could not bring themselves to allow this behavior in their home. In spite of this, Jon and Michael remained close with nearly daily lunches to catch up with.

Once truly on the streets, Jon made it by on his share of the deals and over several years worked and impressed his way up the ranks of an expanding drug trade. Perhaps they had expanded too fast, or grown too large, but they eventually caught the notice of a much more sophisticated operation who insisted they take their business elsewhere. Proud and riding the high of rapid success, they ignored the warnings.

Jon’s family were told his death was quick and probably painless. A professional hit, by the looks of it. Not even the bullets used to kill Jon were recovered, they were told, and the police would not be pursuing the case. Jon was was buried soon after, unavenged.

Oh No You Didn’t – The Wojahn Brothers


Michael’s home is a quiet house constructed in an underdeveloped, out of the way section of the residential sector. The property on which it resides is lined with a thick hedge on three sides, that typically coats the area with a sweet aroma. The fourth edge has a driveway which leads into an attached garage.

The house itself is a nicely, but not extravegantly furnished two bedroom two bathroom place. The windows are covered with thick, white drapes that remain open throughout most of the day, save for the master bedroom which is tightly closed.

The master bathroom is quite a large room, nearly half the size of the bedroom itself. Within is an extremely large shower that appears to double as a hottub. Installed secretly as the house was built is a basement that can only be entered through a set of stairs under the hot tub, which must be lifted from the outside to gain access. Within the basement is a comfortable looking bed, a high end computer with several monitors, and what appears to be a small server station. There are no windows or other obvious exits aside from the stairs, which has a battery hooked up to a device that will lift the tub and can only be manually operated from within the basement.

Michael Alvertson

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