Francis J. Smith

Jack is not a very persuasive man, but his imposing figure and learned mind do tend to win over those who choose to listen to his words and know his (growing) reputation.


Tim Noble’s progeny. Bruja fledgling, Scholar 0, Thriller 0

Magistrate of the University District


Jack is a recent addition to the kindred society of Pendros and as such not much is known about him, he is mostly famous by associations with his sire; Tim Noble the bruja elder but it is known that he recently enrolled into the University of Pendos night school and that he frequents The Cherry Blossom Temple’s martial arts classes. He is said to be forceful of personality and lacking in subtlety and that his intelligence should not be underestimated even though he is bruja.


Jack, as he likes to be called, is a tall and athletic Hispanic-american male who appears to be in his mid-twenties. Though he shares the common kindred paleness of skin he would be called tanned in comparison to most. His hair is black and short and his eyes blue-grey, they sometimes reflect light as a cats and turn a sickly yellow when his anger is roused. His features bear no distinct marks, no obvious or displayed tattoos nor scars or deformities, Jack appears to be the picture of a healthy young man.

Jack carries himself with a slight haunch, mistaken by some as a sign of insecurity Jack, being taller than most, has accustomed himself to doing so to make himself appear less-threatening. He is well aware that his personality and manner can be forceful so he doesn’t want to scare people off with his bearing.

Jack’s manner of dress is best described as relaxed. Sneakers and jeans or loose khakis, a short jacket over an unzipped hoody and t-shirts with mis-humorous slogans along the lines of ‘Sith Happens’ and ‘Pardon me while I don’t give a shit.’ All loose and comfortable.


Currently Jack’s goals consist of one thing; Survival. Learn the game, practice the steps and master the Danse Macabre.

Virtues, Vices, Motivations, and Flaws

Virtue; Justice.

What goes around, comes around is a foundation to Jack’s way of thinking. If your a jerk, someone will jerk you. Maybe sooner, maybe later, but in the end, you’ll get yours and Jack has no problems with being the one who gives it to you.

That belief works both ways though. Since shit will come back to bite you Jack, though not one to back down from a fight, strives to keep the peace.

Vice; Pride.

Jack is best described as intelligent, strong and charismatic.

And he knows it.

As a result Jack can be egotistical and blunt to a fault. He has an innate sense of intellectual superiority which can turn those otherwise indifferent toward him hostile in two sentences. He prides himself on his academical prowess and secretly believes that he can do anything.

Duty and Faith.

The two are closely entwined for Jack as both revolve around his sire Tim Noble.

Jack feels he has been lifted up and saved, given a new chance to view the world through a new pair of eyes by Noble who he sees as a second father and mentor. Jack constantly tries to puzzle out Nobles intentions and deeper meanings (whether he has them or not), striving to stay on his sires good side and to earn his favor.

Jack believes that Noble has the right of it, an extremely old and powerful vampire Jack just can’t see how he can be wrong in his words and actions. He trusts Tim Noble explicitly, hanging onto his every word.

In short; For his sire, Jack would go to any length.


Jack is new to the world of hungry predators who will literally drink your blood and eat your soul and, as such, he finds himself at an immense disadvantage toward those who have played the game longer than he has, being embraced by one of the most powerful elders on the scene doesn’t do much to help in that regard but Jack is determined to succeed; he is determined to see a new night. To achieve this Jack knows he must learn the game, fast, or die trying.




-Haven (••)
(Location -, Size ••, Security -), A small, single story family house located in the poorer suburbs of the University quarter consisting of a living room, 2 smallish bedrooms, a small kitchen, a dank cellar which is Jack’s haven and a garage with his fathers out-dated and rusty tools along with the skeleton of a 2008 make Harley Davidson (Which was supposed to be his 16th year old birthday present that never got finished). This is Jack’s childhood home which he inherited after his mother passed three years ago.
The place is in serious need of maintenance after three years of standing open to the elements and wild animals. Grafity and animal excrement, as well as some various small-animal nests litter the house, it’s furniture is ruined and anything useful has long since been stolen but, having no other place to go, Jack has made his run-down childhood home his haven.


Francis J. Smith

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