Rosalyn Eglantine

Fairest Romancer Changeling with Roses in her hair...


Presence 4
Defense 2
Guile 2
Dominance 6


Rosalyn Eglantine is a Fairest, Romancer changeling who in a similar way to Wendy in Peter Pan was enchanted by the fantastical land she was taken to and actually spent the majority of her durance pretty happy, unlike many changelings, she was something of a pet or companion, they played together. Until one day she was hidden, listening to the singing of the mermaids and realised they hadn’t always been mermaids, and that they didn’t like being mermaids and that it wasn’t that they hid from humans at their approach but her friend that they hid from… When she confronted him about it things changed, and as she wouldn’t go on adventures with him anymore he put her in a tower to play the part of the trapped princess, letting her age again (as she had been kept at 11 so far) until she was 19, a more appropriate damsel in distress age. Every day he would rescue her from a new monster and take her back to his castle and every morning she would wake up in the tower. Then one day he didn’t show up, had he grown bored of her? With some effort she managed to escape the tower, she went to the nearby lagoon and apologised to the mermaids, that it was most likely her suggestion that they were missing from the land that had led to their capture. She wept herself to sleep on the sandy shore, and once more woke in the tower. Wherever she managed to get to in the day she would always end up back in the tower. Then one day she decided to brave the thorns to leave the land completely, hoping she could at least get home long enough to apologise to her mother for leaving in the first place, for going with the stranger voluntarily, for it taking so long for her to realise how she must have felt about her daughter leaving. She wasn’t worried about getting lost, she had grown used to awakening in the tower, so she perhaps had it easier than many in getting through the hedge, as it responds to your emotions, she emerged a little scratched, but not much the worse for wear physically, back in our world but everything had changed so drastically in her absence.

She dresses in long flowing clothes, often those she has made herself, including hedgespun garments. She carries herself with absolute poise but a delicacy of movement, each motion precise but graceful and effortless. She appears to be a young woman of about nineteen. Her skin is pale almost as much so as the kindred, yet subtly very different, alive and vital, in her mien it almost echoes the tint of a pure white rose petal. Her long blonde hair is woven with roses, in her mien these are alive and open close and change colour with her state of mind. She is petite, but not so much as to have trouble with everyday life, just slightly over five foot and her figure is curved yet slender, perfectly proportional.

Goals and Desires
Rosalyn wants to create a new home where she can feel safe and find a place in the world, a new purpose and meaning to her life. She feels as though she must do something to make up for the lives she unwittingly damaged in Arcadia, still being newly returned she is unsure as to what, for the moment she is focusing on making her hollow more comfortable and secure and adapting to the strangeness of the world, to the abundance of technology and to being around humans once more. She also hopes that in time the nightmares of waking up once more in the tower and her escape being a dream will fade.

Virtue: Hope
Rosalyn hopes that tomorrow will be better than today, that she will be able to make a difference in the world, that the nightmare will be over, that one day she can be certain the gentry will never return for her. It stems from a refusal to give up and simply remain in the tower, fed by the food which appeared each day, and simply be who she was told to be. To her hope means the belief that things can improve and the desire to make it happen “Be the change you want to see in the world.” It may come up when she is pushed to compromise, to benefit by hurting another, rather than seeking a better route, it is in her hope that doing the right thing will also be for the best in the long run.

Vice: Gluttony
She likes nice things. Being used to a certain amount of comfort she likes the best fabrics, the nicest food, she doesn’t necessarily want vast amounts of food, but if she had the opportunity her wardrobe would be enormous. She may be very tempted by the opportunity to go shopping, especially as at the start of game she has so little resources, and may find herself having difficulty refusing a trade involving a luxury item she desires.

She was born in the 1980’s and taken sometime around her tenth birthday, she remembers her parents, but more as the idea of parents and a strong pang of regret for having left them than actual detail. She explored the forests of Arcadia as something of a playmate to her captor, not actually realising her captivity until she expressed a desire to leave after learning that many of the creatures she knew were once humans taken against their will. She was locked in a tower to become the archetypal princess, rescued repeatedly but always ending up waking up back in the tower. One day he stopped coming. She escaped the tower many times but it was only when she ventured into the hedge that she woke the same place she had gone to sleep. She found her way to her hollow and through it to the real world, she is in the process of adjusting to her return and lives in the hollow, making it into a home for herself.
Rosalyn is not aware of this but her captor stopped coming to rescue her at the same time as the battle against the True Fey, time moves differently so this may be difficult to discover, it is possible he was killed in the battle, or that the experience of it made him decide to explore a new type of game and he forgot about his old “toys”.

Having spent a lot of time in near isolation she can find it difficult judging people’s emotions, she attempts to be considerate of others but is often out of her depth. She speaks quietly, but with a degree of conviction, she is uncertain of many things but will stand by her decisions and will stand up for herself if she needs to. She is intermittently trusting, she knows little of the way the world works these days and will often accept what people tell her in this regard, but though she believes people her durance has made her cautious, and she trouble really trusting anyone. She often comes across as reserved, she simply finds it hard to deal with crowds, if she is able to talk to someone one to one, or even a small group of up to five, preferably in a place she feels comfortable, such as a park or woodland, then she can be very pleasant company.
When she believes something is the right thing to do she can be determined and with that comes courage, but she is not reckless for the sake of it. She is generally positive and upbeat, but has several issues and is claustrophobic if she feels confined.

Her hollow is a sanctuary, it contains her workroom, a living room, a kitchen and a bedroom with an ensuite and is set in a largish grove in the hedge where she is working on tending a garden, attempting to grow some of the more beneficial goblin fruits so that she can have access to them without braving the hedge. She has surrounded her grove with a stabapple hedge, its fierce thorns providing a protective barrier and its fruits making tasty pies.
Her house looks like a stereotypical cottage from the outside in the hedge, complete with thatching, pale yellow walls and a stone chimney. From outside the hedge it is an a wooden gate in a hedge that enters the back garden of a house, mortals can use the gate normally, but if a person knocks and whispers “I seek safe refuge” then the gate opens into the hollow.
The interior of her house has whitewashed walls, the living room has a woven rug on the floor, a soft but worn sofa, and a hearth which shares a flue with the oven in the kitchen. Most of the floors are wooden aside from the kitchen and the ensuite, both of which have slate tiles. The bedroom has a large squashy bed in it with a patchwork bedspread and a chest of drawers to keep her clothes in, the en-suite has a claw footed bathtub, a toilet and a sink with a mirror above it which has a cloth curtain which slips over it when not in use. The workroom has a large wooden table, a spinning wheel, a loom and shelves in which to put materials. Here she can work on creating hedgespun raiment.
Her Garden contains (or will hopefully soon contain):
Year Round – Kettlegut, Scarthistle, Stabapple,
Spring – Blushberries, Brumelbulb,
Summer – Ertwen, Soylant Green Beans, Wineberry blush,
Autumn – Blood Apple, Cheerpetal berries,
Winter – Coupnettle, Murmurleaf,

Rosalyn Eglantine

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