Andy Charging Moose

Native American Raven Feral. Died during the final assault on Crimson.



Appearance: Tall Native American man with long, black hair; solid black eyes; and a penchant for expensive suits tailored in solid, dark colors (mostly black), and long, also black trench-coats. To anyone who thinks he’s too monochrome, remember he’s trying to draw attention away from his eyes. Plus, the raven that often lands on his shoulder is substantially less noticeable by being the same color as the clothes he wears, not to mention a set of black clothes is much easier to hide in the shadows when Andy feels the need to spread his wings. Nonetheless, he has a quick and infectious smile, with bright white teeth that stand out against his dark skin.

Goals/Desires: More than anything else, Andy wants to see Queen Sasha out of power. The events in Vail are only the most recent of the atrocities Andy blames on Sasha, and he’s going to use this assignment to achieve this goal.

Virtue: Fortitude – Despite the appearance he can never make the world the way he wants it, he trudges on every day doing what he can. Maybe some day that smile will get him access to the right people.

Vice: Wrath – Unfortunately for everybody, Andy blames quite a few people for the world being how it is, and just as important to him as fixing the world is making the people responsible for breaking it pay.



Conflicts: Andy has developed a deep distaste for Eliana due to her inhumane behavior. He’s willing to suppress it to get things done, but just barely.

Background: Andy was raised by a man he knew as his Grandfather, but never really knew if they were related. It was a good thing, though, because when Andy first manifested as a Raven his grandfather was there to help him through it and explain what was going on. Before long, Andy was introduced to the leadership of the feral community in Vail who made him a deal no sane man could refuse. Luckily, neither did a sane raven. The leadership paid Andy’s way through college, where he double-majored in Public Relations and Political Science, both of which he puts to good use today. It was in college he developed the character of “One Man Bucket” as an icebreaker, and as a result he’s become quite the Magnificent Bastard. Whether it’s an aspect of Raven coming out of him, or a personal magnetism, Andy has spent many years getting away with obvious lies, which people can’t help but overlook and like him anyways. Because of this, Andy has worked until recently as a Public Relations man for the Vail resorts, but he becomes cagey when asked exactly what position he holds. Now he is under orders to right wrongs that have been done by a group of Vampires who came through Vail, and he is in Pendros on that task. He has presented the image to anybody who has asked that he has a lot of flexibility in how this assignment is accomplished…But how far can you trust a Raven?

Personality: Sleazy and a social butterfly, Andy easily inserts himself into conversations and scenarios, getting information out of people nobody would expect to be given up. Nobody really seems to trust him, yet they can’t help themselves but like him.

Residence: Andy has recently acquired a place to live in Pendros, above a bar in the historical district. He’s sharing this apartment willingly with Garren, Nameless, and Rachel, but it hasn’t been a comfortable living arrangement so far.


Andy Charging Moose

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