Allen Shipley

Doctor Shipley helps others face their fears, but can't do anything about his own phobia of water. Only in dreams is he free to swim...


Virtue: Hope
Vice: Envy
Musical Reference: Bittersweet Symphony – The Verve


Duty – An ocean of compassion – After a few false starts, Doctor Shipley found a reason to get up in the morning. Or rather, the reasons found him. During his captivity the only people he met were thieves and assassins, and he dealt with them harshly. The shores of his grotto were littered with bones. But sometimes, occasionally, a shipwrecked derelict would wash up on his shores and he would nurse them back to health. In his current life, it sets him on edge and brings out the worst in him when people approach him with an attitude of wanting or needing something from him. When they came to him at wits end, with hardly a hope left of healing or peace, it roused a nurturing instinct in him and he would move heaven and earth to help his patients reclaim their lives.

Beauty – wabi sabi – Allen finds exquisite beauty in the passion and suffering of others, and in the brokeness and impermenance of the world around him. Does that make him a bad person? His ordeals and transformation at the hands of the fey left him distant and uncaring, filled with the solitude and timeless patience of the sea but also mercurial in his interests and with poor social skills and little concept of proper boundaries. When he started working with victims of trauma he saw something in their desperation and pain that struck a chord with him. He could listen without judging, and while some patients might prefer a bleeding heart and a shoulder to cry on others were perfectly happy to tell their story to someone who could hear of terrible, terrible things without batting an eyelid and offer practical advice in return.


Allen Shipley

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