Alexander Runningwater

Through means no one yet knows, Runningwater returned sometime just before Crimson's appearance, and lead the team that destroyed the Vampire Goddess.


Runningwater was the unquestioned Prince of Pendros during the 90’s, stopping the Sabbat at every turn. His policies, while at times draconian, helped protect the city and it’s occupants. However, after the Sabbat’s defeat in 2004, many called for his removal, as his heavy handed policies still remained in effect. When Sasha presented a united front of Kindred, Werewolves, Changelings and Infused, he realized that in protecting the city from a monstrous enemy, he himself had become a monster. He stepped down, promising to return within 5 years, as he regained his humanity and humility.

He never came back.

Former: Once the proud ruler of Pendros, Prince Runningwater stepped down in 2009, promising to return in 5 years time. Many are suspicious of his absence, and wonder if Queen Sasha had something to do with it.


Alexander Runningwater

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