Nights of the Kindred

To kill a Queen, to kill a Goddess

A team lead by Sasha Fierce and Alexander Runningwater assault Anneliese’s seat of power in an attempt to destroy her. Once there, they found that she had finished her ritual, and had become the Vampire Goddess Crimson. With nothing to lose, Sasha and Runningwater sacrificed themselves in order to weaken Crimson, and the rest of their assault team killed the Goddess, removing her dark taint forever.

The Team: (Note: In fact, not all of these people were there at the final assault, but they were involved in it in someway)

Amy Smith
Andy Charging Moose (One Man Bucket)
‘Crazy’ Iren Maximoff
Crystal Waters
DJ Gauge
Eugene Holloway
Falzor Nacre
Harun Ajam
Iranis Pakaliki
Johnathin Hawkins
Khalid Ammon
Michael Miller
Kasumi “Misty” Flanders
Ms. Fellowes
Nathaniel Goregeous
Ra’id Nejem
Richard Twidell
Samantha Moreland
Seif El-Amin
Zoe Maximoff



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