Nights of the Kindred

The End of Act 0

The Queen has finally gone insane!

Derek approached the Queen, and he asked “How can you be the Queen of anything?” Approached isn’t the right word; shoved is more like it, and asked isn’t the right word, more like screamed in terror and confusion. His dementation powers caused her mind to snap, and she responded “I married the night. I did’t give up the fight. I’m a Vampire queen, I’m a sinner,”

With that, her bodyguards picked her up, and people began dancing rhythmically around them, and suddenly Derek and his new friends were in a virtual music video; they resisted the Queen’s ability to make them dance and sing, and ran out of Club V.

Once they got home, (after 9News Report 1) they found Garren was in his room with the door locked, something he never did. One of his Thralls talked to him through the door, but upon Garren refusing to open it, his Thrall kicked it in, and found Garren had disappeared. The thrall wigged out, and began scanning the room for Obfuscated beings, while Rachel tried making everyone in the room fly into a rage. This caused the unnamed thrall to really flip his lid, while at the same time, Eliana began screaming at Garren about his tendency to not listen to her, which caused her to appear. The unnamed thrall attacked her, and as he did so, Garren, in a desire to feel the rage his thrall was exhibiting, sucked the Vitae out of Eliana, who scrambled to get out of the room. She tried pushing Rachel out of the way, but Rachel was wearing the suit provided to her by Garren, which burned Eliana, who collapsed into a Torpor. Garren commanded his minions to leave him be, only to find the unnamed thrall was still in a rage; Rachel reversed the effect, and the nameless thrall ran off into the night, his heart filled with fear.

Garren took Eliana into his bed, and drank deep her soul, and found her last gift to him was a restoration of all his memories. He left soon after, holding the dust that was now Eliana’s dead body, to voluntarily enter Torpor. (Storyteller’s note: Eliana was the oldest Vampire in Pendros, clocking in at over 600 years old. Her decay was swift and left nothing more than dust.) The group of Vampires that had been tied to Garren were now free to pursue their own agenda.



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