Nights of the Kindred

I don't care about tomorrow, here we go again

2 months after 'the incident'

Richard, Michael and Iranis go out for a night on the town with two ladies Michael picked up in a Casino: Amanda and Joyce.

During the car ride, Amanda and Joyce try feeding from Richard and Michael; Iranis’s keen hunter senses pick up on this, and, suspecting them of being Caitiff, stakes Joyce, who dusted like Caitiff do, and only barely missed Amanda. Amanda pleads for her life, and Richard, in a moment of sympathy, tells Iranis to stop him as the beast took over; she stakes him.

After awakening, Richard finds out that Iranis beat Amanda to a bloody pulp, and Michael guided her to the turning room in Underpendros, which used to be the place people would turn approved childer and remove stakes from vampires’s chests. The place had been virtually unused since the end of Runningwater’s reign. Iranis carted both Amanda and Richard there.

Iranis left as Michael attempted to blood bond the girl. As she gulped down his blood, she had a vision:

I see myself upon 1-70, facing east…I am with…I am with all the Oracles…and a…cowgirl? A cowgirl all dressed in red, who looks like the princess…and…and wait…we’re there! Rachel is staring at me with an odd look on her face…I’m actually in the vision Richard! I can move around! I see a crowd of humans…they are running towards us. They…they have lights, and cameras, and microphones…and then…then they all die! Oh gods! Get up! No…I can’t help you…I can’t help them Richard! is rising…another…another…their flesh hangs from their bones! They’re zombies! They’re coming for us! RUN! RUN! I…metal boots on the highway…Richard…armored warriors…they are cutting them down! YES! SAVE US! SAVE US! WAIT! NO! NOT ME! DON’T KILL ME!!!!

Afterwards, he had another vision, or so he thought, but somehow, the beast possessed him, and as she was still feeding off of him, forced Michael to somehow ‘sire’ Amanda as a full blown Vampire.

Richard questioned Amanda, and discovers that she was gang raped by vampires (Caitiff?) and left to die, but shortly after she did die, she came back as a Caitiff. She spent a few weeks figuring out what she could and couldn’t do, and turned her best friend Joyce.

Iranis returned, infuriated at Michael (Amanda had removed her clothes to show all the places the Vampires had fed off of her without removing the evidence), and Richard told her off; Iranis quit.



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