Nights of the Kindred

Garren's blood thirsty night.

Garren had another crazy bitch moment with Iliana, got his ass handed to him by Taki, for reasons I can’t recall had Nameless follow James McCoy to make sure he didn’t reveal Garren’s secret and leave town (can’t recall what that was, I think it was his plan to kill the queen), but James tried contacting Mitch Robertson, head of the Mages in Pendros, and Nameless killed him for his troubles. The next night, Garren went to meet with Nikos, to figure out how to feed of off the elder. Nikos had put in place a plan to Blood-bond the whole city, but needed Garren’s help. Garren insisted that he needed to take Nikos into the Latino district to do the ritual (moonlight angles and such) and Nikos, confidant that he’d already blood-bonded Garren, followed the head of the Tremere to a secluded alleyway, where he quickly used his path of blood powers to drain Nikos dry, and then had Nameless beat the elder to death with a brick while Garren drank down his soul. Nameless’s last attack was with his Katana, and proclaimed that it was for (names I can’t recall), a cry of vengeance delivered. To Nameless’s dismay, Nikos couldn’t recall the people whom Nameless was avenging, and didn’t care to remember. Nameless sliced him in half anyways, as Garren finished drinking down his soul.


Covered in the blood of the Elder, Nameless said one line before heading to the Cherry Blossom Temple. “Just tell me who is next…”

Garren's blood thirsty night.

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